Library high density book storage

Overview of our company's experience.


Frank Shiboski -President


As a previous Vice President and CIO for a large, diversified logistics company, Frank had a commanding role in prioritizing technology initiatives, including the comprehensive evaluation, deployment, and management of current and future technologies. His position required him to anticipate and react to major changes in industry trends and develop and implement strategic plans that met the growth needs of the corporation while maintaining a focus on the exponential changes occurring in the industries that the company served.


During his tenure with his previous employer, he designed commercial and institutional applications for warehousing and distribution programs, including a customized, high-density size based  locator system software program for library print depositories.


The fast growing trend toward the re-purposing of library space and the resulting need for institutions to consider offsite storage and shared print collections, has inspired Frank to develop a software solution that enables the institution to provide patrons with the ability to virtually browse all collection material, including collections housed in offsite storage.


With over twenty five years of technology experience, Frank has not only designed library high density storage systems but revolutionized  and infused technology into the library relocation industry.


This has helped to accurately control and track the movement of your  items during the relocation process that results in minimum disruption to the faculty and students during the  movement of items.


This techology process  also results in all items being  viewable and selectable during the moving process with our real-time tracking technology. The systems provide and capture real-time activity reporting based on the individual real-time KPI’s that are important to you. No longer the need to run batch reports that track productivity this information is now available to you on any web device thus providing up to date information at your fingertips whether in the office or not.

If a student or patron is looking for a book during the move we can find and retrieve it immediatly without waiting for the relocation to be completed.

We have an item inventory locator and tracking system for all budgets